Try Us Out at Sister Sing!


On the first Thursday of each month during the season, we host Sister Sing, our monthly open rehearsal where you can experience singing with a professional choir, rehearse and develop your voice and vocal skills, and have fun with a group who loves to sing as much as you do!

Sister Sing is a no-obligation evening. Come to rehearsal and sing with us - or just watch from the back if you want! We'll have refreshments out, and girls who attend will receive $5 in choir money to spend at our fun singer store!

2022-2023 Sister Sing Dates

  • 11 August - Open House

  • 1 September - Sister Sing 

  • 6 October - Sister Sing

  • 3 November - Sister Sing 

  • 1 December - Sister Sing

  • 5 January - Sister Sing 

  • 2 February - Sister Sing 

  • 2 March - Sister Sing 

  • 6 April - Last Sister Sing of the season!

  • All Sister Sings are at our rehearsal location.

  • 5:30 for K - junior high

  • 6:30 for high school


Please register to let us know you're coming! Drop-ins are welcome, but we'll be better prepared if you let us know ahead of time.

If you don't want to wait for a Sister Sing date, just let us know and we'll be happy to arrange for you to attend the next rehearsal, or you can just sign up directly for a free audition anytime!