Homeschool and the Arizona Girlchoir

Arizona Girlchoir has many homeschool singers, and our music education program meets state academic standards for music and fine arts! Let us help you in your home education journey!

While the Arizona Girlchoir is inclusive for all singers, whether public schooled or homeschooled, more than a third of our singers are homeschoolers, and our staff is well-versed in serving the needs of our homeschooling population!

Our rigorous music education program meets all of the requirements of the Arizona Department of Education Academic Standards in the Arts: Music Standards for all grades from kindergarten to high school. We can provide a grade, course description, and credit documentation for any grade level, at your request. Of special interest to high schooled homeschoolers: our curriculum fulfills Arizona's Fine Arts requirement for your high school transcript. Every year that you sing with us may be counted as either a Fine Arts or elective credit, which is helpful since many colleges and universities require two or more Fine Arts credits.

Listen to Mike Farris of HSLDA interview Steven McCollum of Patrick Henry College about the benefits of choral education for homeschoolers!

Here is a smattering of the many ways in which music studies can enhance your home education curriculum.

  • Vocal Technique: intonation, breathing, vowel placement, tone production, pitch recognition, posture, unison singing, 4-part harmonies, and expressive singing

  • Music Literacy: notation, markings, interval reading, sight singing, rhythmic values, chord structure, harmony and harmonic structure, and musical forms

  • Language Arts: diction, pronunciation, specialized vocabulary, exposure to other languages such as Latin, German, Spanish, Italian

  • Social Studies:

* History: social and political issues in song

* Culture: how cultures shape and are shaped by music

* Geography: the music of the world and its peoples

* World Religions: religious thought expressed through sacred music

  • Math: fractions of rhythm and beat, language of symbols, integers, time signatures

  • Interpersonal Skills: responsibility, discipline, work ethic, teamwork, personal confidence

  • Performance Skills: public presentation, confident communication, performance etiquette, stage presence, movement, choreography

We'd love to help you with the arts portion of your homeschool - schedule your daughter's - or your own - vocal assessment today! We have an adult ensemble too, and several of our homeschool moms sing with us! Our 2019-2020 Big Family special makes it easy: after regular fees for the first singer and our usual 15% family discount for the second, all other ladies in your family can sing for free all season!

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Sing with us! Schedule your vocal assessment today!

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