How We Perform

Our singers take great pride and enthusiasm in singing and performing!



We offer multiple formal concerts each season, as well as other performance opportunities in public and community outreach venues or paid performances, as opportunities arise. We regularly perform at community events, including graduations, parades, memorials, charity events, corporate conventions, and other civic events. 


We sing a wide variety of musical styles, but we are primarily a classical choir. As such, much of our repertoire is sacred music, but  we always include a wide variety of world (non-Western) music, as well as a fun selection of contemporary and popular music. Everything we sing is family-friendly.



We have performed songs in the original Bulgarian, French, Gaelic, German, Hebrew, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Sami, Silesian, Spanish, Swahili, Taiwanese, Welsh, Yiddish, Zulu, and more!


Our singers frequently have the opportunity to perform accompanied by percussion, organ, harp, and many other instruments, in addition to our usual piano accompaniment. Also, many of our choir members are talented instrumentalists and may be invited to accompany the choir if they have advanced sufficiently in performance mastery.

Kyler Ray percussionist