Stick figure drawing of a singer, with elementary handwriting caption that says, "They were amazing, cool, sweet, pritty, loveing, awsome!"

Thank you SO much for all of the work you do to bring such beautiful families together and bring out the joy in the students!

Angeli ensemble mom


Having the opportunity to sing with a group and build friendship was amazing experience this year. Both my girls looked forward to singing every week and my home was filled with the sound of choir music all week long.

Stacey K.

Amabile and Anima ensemble mom

The choir family love coupled with flexibility makes this choir organization unique.

Sarah E.

Angeli and Anima ensemble mom


Everyone feels like family! Everyone is very encouraging and has helped me with so much more than just singing.

~ K.G., Aria ensemble singer

We love the experience we have had with the Arizona Girlchoir! Everyone has been fantastic!

~ Amabile ensemble mom

What an amazing artistic staff! These girls are lucky to have instruction by the best of the best at a price that is affordable. My daughter sure enjoyed being a part of this group and the organization of everything was stellar.

~ Brenda S.

Angeli ensemble mom