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Join the Arizona Girlchoir Board of Directors!

Thank you for your interest in applying to join our Board of Directors!


Joining the AZGC board means you will be assisting in the vision creation, planning, and decision-making for the choir in addition to helping represent us within the community. The board provides governance for the Arizona Girlchoir Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. AZGC board members include parents, singers, and local business leaders who generously give their time and expertise to support our mission as it is carried out by our artistic and administrative staff. 

​Our vision is "community through music." Since 2011, the AZGC has strived to give a voice to young women and our community. Our mission is to serve our community through excellence in singing, music education, and the choral arts, provided across generational, cultural, and economic boundaries. Led by Artistic Director Topher Keene, Grammy Award quarterfinalist for Music Educator of the Year (2020), our choir focuses on artistic excellence in musicianship, exceptional music instruction, and a wide variety of performance opportunities.

We hope you will consider joining us! Following is some information that may help you make this important decision.



Serving on the board of a nonprofit organization returns many intangible benefits to you! It provides a great opportunity to give back to your community. For instance, our organization prioritizes making singing available to lower socioeconomic families by keeping our tuition low and offering scholarship funds to an increasing number of girls each year. You can serve your community in this way, while also building your personal network, expanding your professional skills, and enhancing your résumé. Many board members find that serving gives them the chance to grow in leadership and communication skills.


Note that we carry insurance to indemnify all staff, board members, and officers of the organization.


Board Activities

Board tasks include strategic planning, decision-making, fundraising, marketing and communications, and financial oversight of the organization; not everyone does everything, which is why we try to have a variety of talents among our members. Members may also serve on working committees and support teams, based on their specific areas of interest and expertise, including:

  • Development (fundraising, grants, community outreach)

  • Administration & planning

  • Finance & governance

  • Media & marketing

  • Artistic development

  • Many other areas

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While we are accepting nominations for board members with a variety of skills in all areas, please note that we are particularly in need of individuals skilled in fundraising, development, and grants, and with the community connections necessary to foster growth in those areas.

Time & Term Commitment 

Our board currently meets each month for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, with longer planning meetings of 3 to 5 hours twice a year (in summer and again in January). Meetings may be in-person, virtual, or hybrid, with some members coming in person and others choosing to connect virtually. A meeting day is chosen based on the availability of current board members.

Additionally, board members are asked to serve on a committee or support team, which typically meets every one to three months, depending on the team. 


A board term is three years, but we can accommodate a shorter term if necessary. Members may serve consecutive terms.


Financial Commitment 

We do require a financial contribution from board members, but the amount is determined by each individual and can be any amount that is meaningful and significant to the board member. A good yardstick to assess the amount of a contribution is the board member’s other charitable giving: AZGC should be among the top three nonprofits to which a board member makes annual contributions. There is no lower limit to the amount, as we do not wish to exclude anyone from serving.

Next Steps

We would love for you to sit in on a meeting, either in person or via Zoom, to get a better idea of how our organization operates and to give you more information. Please contact us for information on our next board meeting or with any other questions you may have.


Thank you, we hope you will consider joining us!