Auditions are year-round and always free!

No choir experience is necessary.

AUDITIONS & PLACEMENT. The audition is a vocal assessment for placement purposes only we have an ensemble for all singing abilities, including one for adult women and four for all school-age singers beginning at age 7. No formal choir or music experience is necessary.


During the audition, the director will ask the singer to match pitch with notes played on the piano in order to assess vocal range. There is no need to prepare a song, though you are welcome to do so. Singers will be placed in the appropriate choir group based on their music skills, vocal maturity, and general readiness. Girls younger than age 7 may be accepted solely at the director's discretion, based on ability to sit and pay attention during class. 

NOT QUITE READY TO AUDITION? Visit a Sister Sing open rehearsal to check us out!


Sing with us! Schedule your vocal assessment today!


Rehearsal Schedule & Location

2020-2021 Rehearsal Schedule

Thursday evenings

5:15 - 6:15 Angeli (beginner)

5:15 - 7:00 Amabile (novice)

6:00 - 8:00 Anima (intermediate)

6:00 - 8:30 Aria (advanced)

6:45 - 8:30 Allegria (advanced adult)

Rehearsals are centrally located in Phoenix.

Campbell Community Church | 2927 East Campbell Avenue | Phoenix 85016


Tuition & Fees


TUITION. We work hard to offer one of the most affordable tuition-based choirs in the Valley. Our low tuition includes almost all costs, including the formal dress and summer camp, so our singers will never be surprised by additional charges. The varying costs for each ensemble reflect amount of rehearsal and class time as well as differing price of the formal dress.

 Mid-season (January or later) rates are 50% off.


FUNDRAISING. We also keep our fundraising minimum low at $150, ($75 at mid-season) and offer enjoyable fundraising activities each year to help our signers meet their goals.

2020-2021 Annual Inclusive Tuition

Angeli (beginner) $400 annual | $40/10 payments

Amabile (intermediate) $500 annual | $50/10 payments

Anima (skilled) $600 annual | $60/10 payments

Aria (advanced high school) $700 annual | $70/10 payments

Allegria (advanced adult) $400 annual | $40/10 payments

Payment plans and scholarships are available!

All fees and tuition are non-refundable.

Included in Tuition

Rehearsals, music, music education*

Gown rental and alteration

Exchange to new gown when necessary

Choir t-shirt for informal uniform (one t-shirt)

Summer camp*

Not Included in Tuition

$50 one-time registration fee

$150 fundraising minimum

Shoes for formal and informal uniforms

Informal uniform pants and any replacement t-shirts

Summer tour for Anima and Aria (cost varies each year)

* NOTE: Allegria does not participate in music education instruction or summer camp.

Sing with us! Schedule your vocal assessment today!

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