Our Singer Experience

AZGC singers

Our Vision

Our vision for our choir and our singers is community through music. Our guiding values to achieve this vision are culture, community, creativity, and confidence. These ideas all shape and inform the experience we strive to create and nurture within each of the singers in our choir! 


We aim to enrich our greater community through excellence in choral music performance. We are committed to living out our vision statement, ‘community through music,’ by providing opportunities to create beauty and harmony as we imagine and strive toward a better future for all. 

AZGC culture
AZGC community


We provide a place for everyone to sing together in a cooperative, sociable, family-friendly atmosphere, with lots of extra-choir activities to build friendships and camaraderie within the choir, and opportunities for building relationships by reaching out into the greater community as well.


We endeavor to present opportunities for singers to create and express beauty and music both individually and collaboratively, in a joyful and cooperative atmosphere that encourages contributions and participation by all, as we expand traditional choir boundaries with innovation in repertoire, rehearsal, and performance.

AZGC creativity
AZGC confidence


Our programs enable singers to increase  their mastery of music knowledge, skills, and appreciation through relevant resources, training, and performance opportunities. This training promotes a personal sense of discipline, integrity, accomplishment, and pride for our singers as they develop and hone their personal talents and resources.