Covid Information

The belief of the Arizona Music Educators Association is that viable music instruction can and should continue while adhering to the guidelines set by local and national advisors.... It is the position of the Arizona Music Educators Association that in-person music classes should be able to resume with certain precautions in place.” (more)

Rehearsals & Performances

The situation is changing every week and we are doing our best to stay on top of it! We encourage each of you to do your own research, carefully consider what is right for you and your family, and remember that we are willing to work with you to find an option that enables you to remain involved with the choir.

  • IN-PERSON REHEARSAL. We offer regular in-person rehearsals with a virtual option available for those who choose it or who need to quarantine.

  • VIRTUAL REHEARSAL. One of several virtual options are available: 

    • MINIMUM CONTACT: Singers who are limiting contact may attend virtually, but come in person for the last one or two rehearsals before singing in the performance.
    • NO CONTACT: Singers who are limiting contact may attend virtually to keep in practice but skip performances; we integrate virtual songs into our in-person concerts. 

    • TEMPORARY QUARANTINE: Singers who have a known covid-19 exposure can quarantine and attend virtual rehearsal.

    • ALL-CHOIR VIRTUAL: If meeting weekly is contraindicated, we will continue with virtual rehearsals and if possible meet for only one or two in-person rehearsals before a concert.

  • PERFORMANCE. As with rehearsals, our primary plan is to have regular concerts and performances, but we have some contingency plans in place in case that is not allowed.
    • REGULAR CONCERT: Normal performances, although audience size may be limited. 

    • REMOTE CONCERT: If audiences are contraindicated, performances may be remote, meaning the choir would gather to sing together without an audience, and the performance would be broadcast online. 

    • VIRTUAL ONLY: Occasional virtual performances.


Increased Precautions

We are, of course, continuing to monitor the situation and all local mandates regarding public health. These are our current plans, but are subject to change as the situation changes.


  • As of 6/20, both Phoenix and Maricopa County regulations require masks for groups indoors if not engaging in an activity where mask wearing is exempted. Our current plan for rehearsing together is to maintain six feet of space between singers while wearing clear plastic face shields (not masks) for these reasons:

    • Singing is a physical activity that places extra demands on the heart and lungs and requires deep breathing and high oxygenation.

    • We don’t want any singers fainting from trying to breathe deeply with a mask on.

    • Singing has been shown to propel air only about 18 inches (unlike several feet from a cough or sneeze).

  • Singers who wish to wear a mask as well may do so.

  • For those in the building but not in rehearsal, wearing a mask is according to current mandates by the city or county. 


  • Please do not come to rehearsal if you are showing symptoms of illness or if you know you have been exposed to covid-19. This has always been our policy during flu season. Anyone obviously sick will be asked to leave. 

  • We will not be systematically checking temperature or other symptoms. We trust our families to be aware of their symptoms and to make wise and considerate decisions.

  • If your singer tests positive for covid-19, please inform us immediately so that we can institute a deep clean of our rehearsal space.


  • Singers’ chairs will be placed at least 6 feet apart.

  • Directors and accompanists will be more than 6 feet away from singers during rehearsal.

  • Chaperones will monitor restroom lines for crowding.


  • We pay an extra cleaning fee to have our rehearsal spaces cleaned regularly and frequently.

  • Common surfaces will be sanitized before rehearsal in all singer’s rooms.

  • Every room will have hand sanitizer.

  • Singers will be directed to wash hands or use hand sanitizer before entering rehearsal, and again after rehearsal ends.

  • Chaperones will supervise to ensure hands are washed after restroom use.

  • As much as possible, staff and chaperones will open and close doors, or doors will be propped open, in order to minimize touching of common surfaces.