Summer Camp

Angeli & Amabile (elementary)

Summer camp: one-day camp in town

Anima & Aria (junior high & high school)

Summer camp: 3 days & 2 nights in northern Arizona

AZGC summer camp 02
AZGC summer camp 03

Summer camp provides specifically tailored vocal and theory lessons, while encouraging creativity, performance, artistic growth, and the building of friendships. Singing together as a choir requires girls to think and function as a team, and summer camp is where that camaraderie begins! Of course, the singers also begin learning their new concert songs and choreography.

After summer break, we kick off the new season with a fun summer camp experience! This is an integral part of our choir program.


Cost of summer camp is wrapped into our inclusive tuition, rather than being an extra expense, so that all of our singers are able to attend.

While younger singers remain in town for a one-day camp, older singers generally have a three-day sleep-away camp in northern Arizona. Singers benefit from the direction of a highly qualified and accomplished artistic staff in the midst of the natural beauty of the outdoors, and also enjoy great food as well as swimming, hiking, games, talent night, and lots of other fun. This is an experience you simply would not want your singer to miss!

Summer Camp | Arizona Girlchoir