Boys' Voice Class

The question we are most often asked is: do you have anything for boys?

For the first time, the answer is: YES!


As part of AZGC's commitment to families, now the whole family can sing together on one night!

The Boys' Voice Class is our training program for boys age 7 to 13 to help boys and young men become confident singers and performers. We help boys work through the unique challenges of the male singing voice and learn to perform effectively as soloists and with other singers and musicians. We work on skills such as posture, breath support, vocal power and registration, and stage presence, while also exposing boys to the basics of music theory and notation. This course serves as a foundation for future participation in choirs, musical theatre, and other performance venues.


  • Registration: $15

  • Cost: $100 per 8-week session

  • Thursdays 6:00 to 7:00

  • Showcase performance the final week

  • Classes at Desert Christian Fellowship

  • Sibling discounts apply

  • Scholarships are available


  • Fall 1: August - October

  • Fall 2: October - December

  • Spring 1: January - March

  • Spring 2: March - May

AZGC boys

If you have a boy older than 13 who is interested, please let us know! We are collecting an interest list for a teen class!