We are seeking nominations for the Arizona Girlchoir Board of Directors! Joining the AZGC board means you will be assisting in the vision creation, planning, and decision-making for the choir in addition to helping represent us within the community. 

The board provides governance for the Arizona Girlchoir Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. AZGC board members include parents, singers, and local business leaders who generously give their time and expertise to support our mission as it is carried out by our artistic staff (all musical activities and programming) and administrative staff (operations, production, development, marketing, communications).

Our vision is "community through music," and for almost ten years the AZGC has striven to give a voice to young women and our community. Our mission is to serve our community through excellence in singing, music education, and the choral arts, provided across generational, cultural, and economic boundaries. Led by Artistic Director Topher Keene, Grammy Award quarterfinalist for Music Educator of the Year in 2020, our choir focuses on artistic excellence in musicianship, exceptional music instruction, and a wide variety of performance opportunities. Singers participate in group and solo singing, formal concerts, and community outreach performances, as well as national and international summer tours.

We hope you will consider joining us! Following is some information that may help you make this important decision.

Woman with clipboard standing at a booth for recruitment and fundraising.
Arizona Girlchoir Board of Directors


Serving on the board of a nonprofit organization returns many intangible benefits to you! It provides a great opportunity to give back to your community. For instance, our organization prioritizes making singing available to lower socioeconomic families by keeping our tuition extremely low and offering scholarship funds to an increasing number of girls each year. You can serve your community in this way with us, while also building your personal network, expanding your professional skills, and enhancing your résumé. Many board members find that serving gives them the chance to grow in leadership and communication skills.

Note that we do carry insurance to indemnify all staff, board members, and officers of the organization.

Board Activities

Board members actively engage and participate in strategic planning, decision-making, fundraising, marketing and communications, and financial oversight of the organization. Members also serve on working committees and support teams, based on their specific areas of interest and expertise, including:

  • Development (fundraising, grants, community outreach)

  • Administration & planning

  • Finance & governance

  • Media & marketing

  • Artistic development

  • Many other areas

While we are accepting nominations for board members with a variety of skills in all areas, please note that we are particularly in need of individuals skilled in fundraising, development, and grants, and with the community connections necessary to foster growth in those areas.

Please read our Introduction to the Board of Directors for more detailed information about serving on our board!

Join Us!

Our next two board meetings are scheduled November 2 and December 7 (both Mondays). If you are interested, please contact us to sit in (either in person or via Zoom) to get a better idea of how our organization operates.

  • Please contact us for details on sitting in on an upcoming board meeting. 

  • Please read our Introduction to the Board of Directors for more detailed information about working on the board and links to other important documents!

  • When you’re ready to apply, head straight to our Board of Directors online application

Of course, feel free to contact the Board with any questions you may have. Thank you for your serious consideration in this important matter!

We've come up with a way to have summer fun even during social distancing! Our free virtual microcamps will teach your daughter a new song, help her learn a little more about singing, and give her a video of herself singing in a virtual choir!

Sign up now to reserve your spot!

Each three-day virtual microcamp is just one hour a day for three days! Attend the camp, learn the song, and submit your recording! We’ll send you a video of your virtual choir song with the other singers!

We will teach a song and instruct you how to submit a recording of the song, then put your recording together with the other singers. You will receive a video of your daughter singing a virtual choir with the other singers!

Virtual microcamp will be on Zoom on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Singer must attend all three days in order to submit a recording for the virtual choir. We must have your email address to send you instructions and the link to the Zoom microcamp.


August 10, 11, 12 @ 10:00-11:00, ages 6-12

August 10, 11, 12 @ 11:00 to noon, ages 10-18


August 17, 18, 19 @ 10:00-11:00, ages 10-18

August 17, 18, 19 @ 11:00 to noon, ages 6-12

At the end of the 3 days, instructions will be given on how to create and submit your daughter’s video recording of the song to create the virtual choir video. We will send you a video of your virtual choir song within a few days!

Sign up now to reserve your spot, or contact us with any questions!

Vocal assessments for placement are open now! Contact us to schedule your virtual or in-person audition! Arizona Girlchoir has five ensembles for all singers K-12 and adult.

During the audition, the director will ask the singer to match pitch with notes played on the piano in order to assess vocal range. There is no need to prepare a song, though you are welcome to do so. Singers will be placed in the appropriate choir group based on their music skills, vocal maturity, and general readiness. Girls younger than age 7 may be accepted solely at the discretion of the artistic director, based on ability to sit and pay attention during class. 

We intend to have in-person rehearsals this fall if it is at all possible. We have already laid careful plans for increased hygiene and physical distancing to keep our families as safe as possible! If meeting together is disallowed, we will continue with virtual rehearsals until we can meet again.

Check our website for more information, or sign up for your audition now! We look forward to singing with you!