Angeli Ensemble


Angeli means “angel.“

  • Rehearsal every Thursday from August to May.

  • Rehearsal time 5:30 to 7:00.

  • First meeting Thursday, 11 August.

  • All rehearsals are at Desert Christian Fellowship.

  • Scholarships are available!

Angeli is our entry-level choir; no experience is necessary.  The singer will be asked to do a vocal assessment with the conductor, just so the conductor can hear her voice and know her skill level.

This beginning level is generally a singer’s introduction to choir, music theory, and sight singing. Angeli focuses on teaching appropriate techniques that will be developed and perfected as girls proceed to each ensemble.

Please note that girls under age 7 are admitted with director's approval. We do not have a hard "start" age, but girls under 7 will be assessed for ability to sit still during rehearsal. Girls under 7 may be placed in our preschool Tot Choir.